Phil Gengler

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About Me

I'm Phil Gengler, a software developer from New Jersey.

Ever since I first came in contact with computers I've been interested in understanding them and bending them to my will. I started out typing up programs out of old BASIC books before moving on to C and C++. I learned web programming with Perl by making different "hacks" (community-developed add-on features) for UBB work together.

Today I work mostly on the web, writing Ruby and JavaScript, using Rails and Ember.js.

Stubborn as I am, this blog runs on a custom-written backend. It's one of my many little projects; others include @beakeringnews, How Much Is Oil? and yet another IRC bot. You can find the code for many of my other projects on Github.

I have a number of hobbies outside of writing code; among them are aviation (I'm a private pilot), photography, model trains, and cooking.